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Born and raised in Staten Island NY, SnoopNotNice is coming into the music industry fully motivated and ready to go. Snoop's sound is edgy, uptempo and emotional all in one, overall showcasing his versatility. He has the ability to creep into several different musical territories while always keeping a focus on hip-hop. His motivation comes from those around him; his family, friends and his fans. Snoop, just like the other Demonlow artists, played sports in high school. He later decided that his dream was to be a rapper. In 2017, his CEO, Sonny, introduced Snoop and rap artist Bellagio. This is when Demonlow began. Since then, he has never looked back, dropping hit after hit along with visuals. A year later, Snoop dropped his first project on all digital streaming platforms titled “Demonlow.” Shortly after, he dropped the video to his heavily streamed “Nothing Nice” track. Snoop's most recent work is his “Pandamonium” album, which released in September of 2021.

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