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History of
Maliiiwop Entertainment 

Maliiiwop Entertainment, founded by Maliyah Greene in 2020, is a music and entertainment company. Maliiiwop Entertainment provides unsigned artists with artist management, digital marketing and many other services that will help equip artists with the tools they need to gain the exposure and opportunity to either receive a distribution deal or become signed to a major record label. The idea of Maliiiwop Entertainment was created by our founder and CEO, Maliyah Greene who saw a vision during the pandemic of 2020. She realized how much independent artists were struggling to be seen and receive the recognition that they deserved in the industry. She has assisted many other music companies and labels with their mission over the years so she felt that this was the perfect time to execute her own. "I have built so many connections with so many people within the industry in just the last few months whom I never thought I would ever have the chance of speaking to. Divine timing is real and everything happens for a reason. My goal is to use my story as a testimony to help the younger generation of women after me; to show them that they accomplish whatever they want if they stand true to their beliefs and never give up. The key to success is consistency.

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