September 17, 2021


SnoopNotNice's  "Pandamonium" album OUT NOW Everywhere!


Pandamonium. The title is an ode to SnoopNotNice's brother, the legend himself; the heart & soul of Demonlow. This project means everything to him as well as anything else that he has ever created, but this album makes a statement. Snoop used to stray away from Drill beats and never wanted to be put in a box as a creator, but he said, "Fucc that, fucc what everybody thinks. I’m coming for every single genre, every category in music, in every single lane", and that is what he continues to do in every track he drops. From straight bars and smash hits like "Prolific", ripping through flowing beats with vengeance on songs like “Please Believe”, to paying homage to his brothers of Demonlow on “D4L”, SnoopNotNice continues to deliver the assignment every single time. Pandamonium is defined as a wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar, which in turn defines what Demonlow has dealt with from the start. Snoop is Not Nice; he is a demon in the making.


March 30, 2022

JBoogz: Album – Chopstixx OUT NOW On All DSPs


June 28, 2022

JBoogz: Newest Beat – "Tumblin  Freddie Gibbs Type Beat" OUT NOW On All DSPs