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Up and coming, Staten Island’s own JBoogz is a 19 year old producer inspired by some of the game’s best-from Ye to J.Cole to Tyler The Creator. His unique sound derived from the elements of his soulful upbringing thanks to his parents, exudes a familiar nostalgia as he enjoys sampling some of the classics, yet still emphasizes his own unique sound. The greatest accolade yet for JBoogz is that he is self-taught in his raw home studio. A lot of his inspiration stems from another well renowned producer from the same marks of life, The Rza whose rawness and ethical evolution of self is remarkably touching for JBoogz. In a year, JBoogz expects that he will be cultivating music full time and within the next 5 years, will potentially have produced a number one album similar to that of his inspiration, Tyler The Creator. In his 4 years of producing, he’s released approximately 20 tracks, 2 EPS, and a few single’s on apple music, with his new release “Chopstixx '' being a captivating track embellished according to his exact liking. The soulful-inspiring track is currently a work that he’s gratified by. JBoogz makes it clear that he is nowhere near in his prime, as he is just getting started and has a lot in store. Jboogz can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok @jboogzbeats!

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