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Staten Island native, JustRiq, believes that “talent without hard work is nothing”. For him, pursuing his talent was something that he always knew was he wanted for himself. As noted by many, something that definitely stands out about his project, is his ability to relay the message: "live life the way you choose without being influenced by the masses." JustRiq is big on displaying strong individuality. He also has many influences including those of Michael Jackson, who he calls the “GOAT”, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and his grandfather, who he admires for the way he lived his life and the lasting impact he left on everyone around him. He also stands firmly beside his supportive girlfriend who is just as dedicated as he is in making this vision a reality. He and his girlfriend, artist Cosi Pari’s “Coco Kisses” is swiftly obtaining more listeners as well. One striking quality for certain that sets JustRiq aside from other artists is his drive and his perspective that he has gained over the years. Riq's most recent work is his new hit single, "Be Something", which was released on September 25th.

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