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It is safe to say that singer and songwriter, Cosi Pari, was born for music. Born and raised in the south side of Jamaica, Queens, Cosi has had the luxury of living in various places; from Staten Island, to Atlanta, from New Jersey, to North Carolina and Connecticut. At the age of nine, she realized that she was interested in music after her exposure to producing and recording from her father. It was in those early days that she knew music was the lifestyle she wanted to pursue and even began writing her own songs at the age of 11. Her song, “Things Unexplained” tends to have an immense amount of significance on her as it was after a breakup. Cosi touches upon debuting herself to the world, signifying change, learning herself and appreciating the idea of spirituality. The humble artist encourages the majority to set a goal and accomplish it. She believes in integrity and persistence in all aspects of life as those ideas can clearly be seen through her passionate music. Her inspiration comes from life and traveling, seeing different cultures and being open to the different realms of music. Cosi Pari is currently working on her second solo EP titled, “Love Out East”, which will for sure be one that truly depicts everything that her intriguing image as an artist represents. Her most recent work is her newly released hit single, “One More Drink”, which dropped on September 24th.

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