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Kaylah Hyter is an American rapper and musician who goes by the name KayBay. She was born in NY, but was raised in Charlotte, NC. KayBay is 21 years old and is currently an independent artist with a single out called "Queen Shit". She is most known for her viral freestyle videos on Instagram with thousands of viewers and engagers. Kaybay has also done many showcase performances & events within the Charlotte, NC area. She balances her music life along with motherhood while also running a nail business. Her genre of music is Hip Hop/ Rap. She can also sing as well. Although Kaylah started taking music seriously in 2018, she has been an artist since she was a little girl. Some of her musical influences are Lauryn Hill and Nicki Minaj. Kaybay is currently recording new music and working on her very first EP project. She has a very versatile, yet distinct sound and she knows that with her personality and voice that she will be the next biggest artist in the world.

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